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Empower your business with Ai Integrated Automation

Unlock unparalleled efficiency and innovation with our cutting-edge automation platform.

Sales Automation infused with Ai

Growth on Autopilot

Revolutionize your sales game! Our software places your opportunity discovery and closure journey on cruising mode. Unleash the power of automation across your lead conversion, nurturing, and post-sale engagements with our cutting-edge platform.

How many other businesses use this?

Stable and Reliable, Proven.

Over 60,000 businesses have accelerated their growth with this software, experiencing a 70% increase in operational efficiency and a 50% boost in customer satisfaction.

How? They use our software to ...

  • Unlock data driven decisions

  • Deliver higher customer satisfaction

  • Streamline processes with Automation and Ai

All in one solution, with an
intuitive user experience.

This All In One solution can replace or augment your CRM, and many other SaaS subscriptions, saving you money!

Unlimited possibilities to craft and copy intelligent, effective and adaptable automation solutions.

Leverage any Ai technology with an API, directly in your automations, CRM, website copy, and more.

Build or use a template for rich mobile friendly landing pages, funnels, websites, forms and more, integrated with a CRM and Ai powered Automations.

- Customizable dashboards for real-time insights
- AI-powered customer interaction tools
- Efficient data collection for actionable insights
- Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes

A simple to learn user experience, for faster control, and easy to use.

We offer a 14 day risk free trial, so you can see results fast.


Customizable, White labeled.

Representing your brand and identity in every client touch point is important. Next Dev software makes it simple to roll out your logo, brand, copy, and marketing material,


Multi Communication Channels

Automated SMS sending and receiving.

Email templates and sending.

Detect reply intents.

Sales team internal communications.


Customer Relationship Management

Automated SMS? No problem.
Need a sequence of emails? Done.

Need an Ai phone call? Can do.

Appointment setting? Presto.

Keeping clients happy doesn't have to be hard, if it's part of the process.

Built to S.C.A.L.E.

Systemize. Consolidate. Automate. Leverage. Evaluate.

Map business processes

Drive clarity with your team and customers by documenting business processes, so you can Systemize, Consolidate, and Automate.


Staying on top of the data and insights just got easy. Make data driven decisions with insights and metrics.


Automate reports and insights daily, weekly, monthly so you have the space to adjust and get ahead.


Can it integrate?

Our tool makes it extremely easy to integrate to many of the existing tools you have. You can also connect to other automation platforms like Zapier and, enabling you to connect to over 5,000+ outside applications.

Do you have a mobile app?

Unleash the power of mobility in managing your CRM! Stay connected with your contacts, leads, and customers anywhere, anytime with our revolutionary Mobile App.

What Ai is included?

Each account comes with Ai content editing, openAi integrated into Automation builder, and ability to integrate with any Ai tool with an API.

What kind of support can you offer?

YES! Of course, we do! Next Dev customers enjoy ticketed, live chat, live Zoom, and 24/7 Support for any technical issues, forgotten passwords, and any other issues you may encounter when using Next Dev!.


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